Daily Archives: September 8, 2018

How ‘Halloween’ Rose From The Dead

The boogeyman lives again.  The newest “Halloween” movie, set to hit theaters in October, is technically the 11th movie to belong to the 40-year-old horror franchise, which spawned Michael Myers and popularized slasher escapades. But the ever-ballooning folklore surrounding Haddonfield, Illinois, and its infamous masked murderer are irrelevant this time …

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Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Plotting Coup Against Maduro

Venezuela and one of its allies accused the United States on Saturday of plotting against its president, Nicolás Maduro, who has presided over a near collapse of the country. Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s foreign minister, responded Saturday to an article by The New York Times detailing secret meetings between American officials …

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NHS announces new Genomic Medicine Service

Manchester, UK – National Health Service Chief Scientific Officer for England Sue Hill formally announced a new national Genomic Medicine Service at the Health and Care Innovation Expo here. The new service, set to be rolled out in October, will provide ‘equitable access’ to genetic and genomic testing, including whole …

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Opinion | Thwarting Trump, or the Voters?

After this Op-Ed page published an anonymous Trump administration official praising themselves and others for trying to keep the powers of the presidency out of the actual president’s hands, I found myself nodding along to two kinds of essays about this inside-the-administration Resistance — even though they were making superficially …

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