Daily Archives: September 14, 2018

Dream Gardens: Feast on medieval medlars

It’s a living medieval relic that had a fairly dubious following even in its heyday but which is now finding itself a niche in some modern gardens. Medlars originated in Transcaucasia.  They’ve been cultivated by the ancient Assyrians and they spread through the Greek and Roman empires to medieval Britain.  In …

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Negative Emissions Technologies: Has their time arrived?

Carbon scrubberFocusOn Drainage Contractors Amid the partisan rancor paralyzing U.S. politics and climate change policy, a surprising atoll of bipartisan consensus emerged earlier this year on carbon tax credits. On Feb. 9, Congress passed the FUTURE Act (the Furthering carbon capture, Utilization, Technology, Underground storage, and Reduced Emissions Act), which President …

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