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Barack Obama’s full eulogy at memorial service for Senator John S. McCain

Barack Obama’s full eulogy at memorial service for Senator John S. McCain
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  1. Wtf is Obama doing there? Oh yea, McCain sold out the Republicans for that fiasco obamacare…..

  2. Computer generated comments =pathetic fake news

  3. How dare Obama talk about our founders and our "inalienable rights" He HATED the 2nd amendment which is something our founders wanted us to have.

  4. Barack Obama is still our president and not #45…. The only tweets I still pay attention to are Obama’s ….. Trump needs to go Now!!! We’re an embarrassment to the world with Trump as our president

  5. Meghan McCain is so childish and rude. Here is a man who disagreed strongly with her father and is praising him and all she can do is sit with her arms crossed … definitely did not get her father's class …

  6. DECENCY, CLASS AND ELEGANCE. that s all I m gonna say!

  7. I miss you soooooo much President Obama, finally some sanity from a President……….I needed this.

  8. I bet even Obama haters love to listen to his speeches.

  9. So lovely and eloquent was Mr. Bush, God bless him & his family followed by of course "OUR" President Obama…God bless United States, rest in peace John McCain, and peace and comforting reflection to his lovely family..✝️💙🦋

  10. Eight years of scandal-free presidency. No indictments or strange women. Just a man, a husband and father, working for America. Working for the people.

  11. This is what a classy president sounds like! Most of us sane Americans share your values.

    John McCain knew exactly what he was doing , and he went out like a hero . Regardless of party, he put country first. I didn’t agree with McCain on most issues , but he has my respect for this. Thank you for your service sir . 🇺🇸

  12. Very kind and respectful eulogies by W Bush and Obama. McCain's purpose of asking them both for eulogies is very evident, and the outcome was as I'm sure he would have appreciated.

  13. Obama is such a disgusting liar, corrupted criminal. He is still working on the NWO because he wants the American people depleted. He wants to make room for his Muslim immigrants. He wants America to be called the New World Order run by George Soros. Someone should shoot him. Soros is a very dangerous old man. Perhaps his new wife if she is smart she should put rat poison in his coffee. He won't even know it is in his cup. He's such an ugly dog.

  14. When Trump passed away one day, the eulogy is in Russian? Party in the Southern border? Guess who's coming?

  15. Really great eulogy. Awesome speech and heartfelt. Obama is a great speaker.

  16. Computer generated comments is pathetic.

  17. One thing I have to admit about Obama, he has class and integrity. Not very sensitive like Trump

  18. Still talking with his nose in the air like always some things Never change Hey obom/islama F*** you!

  19. Trying to imagine Trump doing this and I just can't. I guess John McCain couldn't either.

  20. It sure was great not to see Donald " Fake Bone Spurs" Trump, the 5 time Draft Dodging Pussy in attendance.

  21. Such suck ups. All of a sudden everyone loves John McCain huh… it was more of a show of gathering to go against Trump. “The enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

  22. Obama thinks he’s President 🙄

  23. Cry all you lame libtards.. hurry up and bury him before he starts to stink

  24. Having watched this, and having also watched George W Bush speak, it saddens me to reflect just how low America has sunk in recent times.

  25. This is just a show ..they should have buried the idiot but keeping him in the media just fuels their idiocracies .

  26. Trump has done more to uphold the Constitution than any other politician.
    Freedom of religion – protected
    Freedom to bear arms – protected

  27. Thank You, PRESIDENT Obama, for a speech that so well describes SEN, John McCain and what this Country and People is all about. So eloquently put and obviously clear, everything lil donnie trump IS NOT.

  28. NO NAME TRAITOR eulogized By A Felony Fraud Bullshit Artist Born In Kenya! #HangThemHigh

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