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BFFs Obama and Biden spotted at D.C. bakery

The bromance between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden is clearly still alive.


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  1. Why is this BS in a National news feed?

  2. 💯📰 The best team ever to occupy the 🏛. During the tenure of the above two amazing men, America🗽was at it's Greatest. "I miss you both very much. (Friendship.) Before-During-After.

  3. They’re like two little kids so cute

  4. Thanks #trump for showing how to work #maga liberals are jokes #usafirst

  5. It's next door to Comet Pizza, they use the Executive Tunnel.

  6. how does it feel to know u killed 500,000 syrians obama


  8. Did they use the bathroom today?
    Slow news day; huh?

  9. Two old geezers holding up the line at the bakery

  10. With a 8.1 million dollar d.c mansion with its own border wall and louis vuitton bag at a cost of 2000 dollars these rhino dems i mean hypocrite globalist live a good life of the blood of others
    (TRUMP 2020)

  11. Was I the only one looking st the cash🤔😂

  12. All these sarcasizm is laughable…It is not just ugly but it won,t change the fact that many loved them and they still do..
    Wise are those who are not PARTAKERS of such HATE; outdated…
    Why not only focus on present? Because there are plenty…

  13. The United States is bombing 9 different countries right now.

  14. Clinton's weren't invited? Lmao garbage people.

  15. Peace prize for bombing innocents and yet the (D)'s call for running Trumps cabinet out of businuesses.

  16. These brats have always had a good and unless they're locked up they will always have a good too many rats to protect them

  17. These guys are still MY President & VP.

  18. What did this loon say about shotguns and home invaders…losers.

  19. The Peddler of Victomhood and his sidekick Joe " Bite me"

  20. Hanging out with a pedophile, and the most useless, and corrupt President ever! Yeah nice lunch to the pathetic duo…☝️

  21. Obama kicked blacks to the curb but did miracles for illegal aliens. What a traiter and backstabber

  22. If this was Trump and Pence, I'm sure everyone would not be so nice


  24. They better have paid for that food… Damn lie'n.. crooks…Kenya born Barry…

  25. "They'll have y'all back in chains"…. Biden's 2020 campaign slogan 🙄

  26. this is what happens when you do a banged-up job ..
    satisfaction .. alludes !
    (a charlatans dance)

    no hotdogs, cheese pasta, walnut sauce .. on a hankerchief ??

  27. I would of gave them the Yelper special.

  28. Damn look at what 8 years did to obama's wrinkled face and great hair… all in the work of being the president of the most powerful nation in history.

  29. Two of the worst traders in the United States of America👺👺

  30. Wish I was there. I’d spit in there food . A muslim and a baby raper !

  31. Warning: Do not scroll down into this comment section (there is cancer below)

  32. Some American he is… doesn't even know what a ham and cheese sandwich looks like.. SMH 😔 vote Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  33. As usual, White guy gets stuck with the bill.

  34. Two creepy pedos eating pork.

  35. I love watching these two true leaders! One dash of their smarts is more than trump's whole brain.

  36. Wonder how many kids Biden molested while there?

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