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Why Frasier Is The TV Daddy To Every Millennial Manboy

In late July, Deadline announced that Kelsey Grammer, of “Frasier” fame, is mulling a potential reboot of the sitcom. I wasn’t sure which one of my millennial-age dude friends to text first. “Frasier” originally ran for 11 seasons between 1993 and 2004. When it was at its peak, it reeked of a show for grown-ups, …

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John Oliver Finds Himself In ‘Pure Straight-Up Opposite World’

John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight” wants to make sure Americans aren’t fooled by “astroturfing,” which he said is the “fake grassroots” practice of “corporations or political groups disguising themselves as spontaneous, authentic popular movements.” These groups have names that can be “deliberately misleading,” Oliver said on Sunday’s broadcast of …

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