Bill Cosby Is In Jail And Loving It On ‘SNL’

A “Saturday Night Live” sketch has imagined what life is like for disgraced comedian Bill Cosby inside prison and in the program’s version, the 81-year-old is having the time of his life. Cosby ― who is played by Kenan Thompson ― was joined in the sketch by a new cellmate, host …

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Jennifer Garner Leans Into Unlikability For HBO’s ‘Camping’

“I think I might be the voice of my generation,” an in-character Lena Dunham famously proclaimed in her inaugural HBO series, “Girls,” before quickly adding, “Or, at least, a voice of a generation.” The declaration became an albatross for the series and its creator, who lamented that it will likely be etched on her tombstone. For all …

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Trevor Noah Calls Fox News The ‘Phony Victims Unit’

Fox News has been in outrage overdrive since former Attorney General Eric Holder encouraged Democrats this week to get tougher against Republicans. But “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah was having none of it on Thursday, instead relabeling the network “Fox News: Phony Victims Unit.” While campaigning for Georgia gubernatorial candidate …

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