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Acute flaccid myelitis survivor now thriving

The young girl’s sudden frailty and agony puzzled and frightened her family. That was in 2014, when Lydia was 6 years old and diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, a rare but serious polio-like neurological illness that affects the brain and nervous system. Symptoms can include sudden limb weakness, …

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Hospitals’ crucial work continues amid hurricane

Scott Campbell, CEO of Bay Medical Sacred Heart, said that he rode out the hurricane with the hospital’s staff and that the experience was “extremely frighting” and the damage significant, but the facility’s emergency plan worked. Medical helicopters and a parade of ambulances left Bay Medical early Thursday with the …

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How climate change will affect your health

Here are six ways that climate change might affect you, whether it’s insect-borne disease or Type 2 diabetes. Hot and humid climates provide a perfect breeding ground for critters, and experts say that a warming world might put us at greater risk for vector-borne diseases, which are those transmitted by …

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How to talk about hurricanes now

Neither was Harvey in Houston. Nor Maria in Puerto Rico. Yet we continue to use that term. Doing so — especially in the era of climate change — is misleading if not dangerous, according to several disaster experts and climate scientists I reached by phone and on Twitter. “The phrase …

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How to stay safe after Hurricane Michael

The National Weather Service described Michael as “expected to bring life-threatening storm surge to portions of the Gulf Coast, life-threatening flash flooding due to heavy rainfall, and life-threatening winds.” Michael also brings the threat of power outages. After Hurricane Irma hit last year, many east Florida homes were left without …

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