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It’s Time to Become a Time Realist

Julie Morgenstern, a productivity and time management expert, wasn’t born organized. Chronically late, forever losing things, utterly disorganized, Ms. Morgenstern lived in a state of chaos. Then, she had a child. She turned the lessons she learned from taking control of her time into a career as an adviser and …

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Who Is Neri Oxman? – The New York Times

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — One hot day in early September, Neri Oxman, a tenured professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, was on her way to lunch when it hit her. “‘Form follows pheromones!’” she remembered exclaiming. “I was thinking, as I was devouring my meatball sandwich, about how …

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A Place I Could Call My Own

the look On growing up in the Bronx, and never truly leaving it. Photographs by Andre Wagner Text by Andrew Boryga Produced by Eve Lyons Oct. 6, 2018 When I was born, my mother and father lived on the first floor of a six-story building in the Bronx that looked …

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