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The Long Journey of the Aleppo Pepper

In 2013, Mr. Lowcock introduced a chutneylike sauce called Roasted Aleppo and Cayenne Shatta, a medium-heat combination of cayenne, fresh garlic, dried Aleppo pepper flakes from Turkey and Greece rehydrated in red wine, and roasted fresh Aleppos he buys locally. Such uses veer from the spice’s traditional role in Levantine …

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Nothing but Gnocchi – The New York Times

Patavini, a company in Padua, Italy, manufactures tender potato gnocchi, to sell wholesale, in myriad flavors. Luca Marco Giraldin, an owner, has now opened a retail outpost in New York. Porcini, pumpkin, spinach, buckwheat with cumin, squid ink, Cajun pepper, truffle and beetroot are a few of the savory options …

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A Food Hall in Ma Bell’s Shadow

To Shop The Finnish architect Eero Saarinen designed Bell Labs — built in Holmdel, N.J., from 1959 to 1962 — as a low, sweeping building sheathed in mirrored glass, with a soaring atrium. In 2016, the AT&T research hub was repurposed as Bell Works, an office building where an array …

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Morgenstern’s Opens a New Flagship

You need a good amount of space to offer 88 flavors of ice cream, as Nicholas Morgenstern does at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. Having outgrown his Rivington Street headquarters, he has now taken over a stretch of storefronts in Greenwich Village for his new flagship, which opens Friday. Most of …

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A Little Purple Bag Brings Back Memories

I remember Crown Royal whisky from my childhood. My father drank it and would give me the purple fabric sacks it came in, which I would use to store small toys, doll clothing and the like. A new edition of the Canadian whisky, the 13-year-old blenders’ mash, brought back memories. …

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The Not-So-Sweet Side of Sugar

James Walvin, a professor emeritus of history at the University of York in England, will discuss his book “Sugar: The World Corrupted, From Slavery to Obesity,” at the Brooklyn Historical Society. He promises not to sweeten the very fraught story of this culinary staple. “The Not-So-Sweet History of Sugar,” Tuesday, …

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A Paste That Brings the Heat

Here’s a new hot pepper condiment that does not disappear in a splash. It has a chunky texture, making it suitable to serve alongside grilled meats or fish, or to be mixed with soft butter and spread on lamb chops. It’s Caribbean, but based on a relish found in India …

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An Overnight Success Story That Took Decades

Single what? Kyle who? The full names are now on the food map. SingleThread is the restaurant and inn that the chef Kyle Connaughton and his wife, Katina Connaughton, opened without much fanfare in early December 2016 in Healdsburg, Calif. The Michelin Guides soon picked up the scent and within …

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