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Here’s Why Portugal Is All Over Your Instagram Feed

It’s summertime, so we’re deep in vacation mode, with many people getting away from their routines back home. And there’s one destination in Europe where many vacationers have recently been flocking. If you follow any travel-savvy people (and even just regular friends) on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed they’ve posted stunning …

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10 Travel Writers, 10 Favorite Hotels

CLICK CLACK HOTEL, Bogotá, Colombia Seven months ago, my life changed. I had the incredible fortune of becoming The New York Times’ 52 Places Traveler and getting to travel around the world living exclusively in moderately priced hotels (and Airbnbs and on friend’s couches). Early on, I knew I didn’t …

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All the World’s a Crime: Thrillers from Around the Globe

Pick up a book, burrow into an armchair and take yourself on some literary excursions to places like Laos, Poland, Chile and South Africa. Africa, Australia, Asia & Europe [05] Johannesburg: Jassy Mackenzie, “Random Violence” Zimbabwe [06] Harare: C.B. George, “The Death of Rex Nhongo” Australia [07] Sydney: Susan Geason, …

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