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Where to Go in Paris? The Red-Topped Trash Can

PARIS — This city, which has had a problem with men urinating in the street for centuries, started supplying public urinals in the 1830s. It has often been a losing battle. Enter the eco-toilet, the city’s latest effort to stem street and alley urination. It has a dual purpose (it …

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Why Inflation Is Bad for Populist Strongmen

Strongmen like Mr. Chávez or Mr. Erdogan, who installed his son-in-law as finance minister, tend to meddle with their central banks, both to juice short-term growth and out of a tendency to see independent institutions as threats rather than partners. Inflation rises, a precursor of worse to come. How Strongmen …

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Turks Scramble as Lira Falls and Prices Soar

On the streets of Istanbul, the anxiety was evident. Restaurateurs and cafe owners are already struggling with a 50 percent drop in business over the past three years after terrorist attacks scared away many foreign tourists. Now other Turkish businesses are feeling the downturn. A storekeeper, Mustafa Yuksel, 30, who …

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