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Florida candidate teaches his kid to ‘build the wall’ in political ad

Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis tells his daughter to “build the wall” in his latest political ad.

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  1. Finally, a REPUBLICAN with a sense of HUMOR… the TRUMP effect!

  2. Really. How sad that you would teach your child to be like that. We do not need a walk we need human beings with soul. Not cruel mean people.

  3. I can't believe people are actually supporting this nominee. People are not seeing what is wrong? We are living on assumptions not by truth. People are not seeing their own shadows. I fear that we going to path false and despair. A path that we simply blame others and not taking account in our own actions. A path were there is more divison among us. A path of rage and regret. A path of fear and despair. What would it take for people to realize this mistake? When the country is beyond repair?

  4. These orange savage racist morons are spreading their disease to there next generation.

  5. Yup, who cares about the issues! Can he blow Trump? Yes? Conservatives will love him!

  6. Ya…. Ron watches his wife get fucked by other men…

  7. A very sick man in a very sick country. Imagine actually believing that building this enormous wall will actually make any difference in the number of people who come across illegally. As soon as people smuggling is lucrative than drugs they cartels will take it over and no wall in the world will prevent them from smuggling in people with impunity. They will laugh and joke about how the wall raised the price the smugglers could get per person smuggled. What a stupid, stupid idea.

  8. Again. the left take everything literally and don't understand concepts like satire.

  9. He's not wasting any time teaching hate and prejudice to his poor kids. Sadly typical of his ilk.

  10. But did he tell his kid that that Mexico was going to pay for it?

  11. Huh, didn't know Florida and Mexico were neighbors. Learn something new everyday.

  12. I live in Florida and his ads are running all the time. There's also one where he's reading what I think is a Trump book to his baby and telling him he loved it when Trump said Your Fired on his show. Why do many of the women conservative politicians are married to look like Stepford wives?

  13. How stupid. That’s it! program your kids from birth to be stupid, ignorant, racist, fascist, and narcissistic like a Trumpster or Q- Queer

  14. Gotta start that indoctrination early!

  15. Every time you think the Republicans have lowered the bar as low as it can go, another one comes along and limbo's right under. Seriously, what kind of creep uses their unwitting infant children as political props to ride Trump's coattails. If Ron DeSantis cannot understand how his shameless ambition has blinded his judgement to the point where he actually thought this commercial was a good idea, simply proves that he is unworthy of ANY public office. If this ad is a refection of the actual goings on at the DeSantis household, both mom and dad are truly sick, corrupted individuals.

  16. That is what these sick bastards teach their kids at Birth.. this is not new this goes on in many millions of household in America and you wonder why the things the way they are.. Trump with the greatest thing that happened to America he has exposed he lifted the Veil The Sickness that exist in this country

  17. This guys funny can’t wait for all the triggered democrats in the comments to scream racist bigot without using their brain

  18. I live in Florida now. Originally born and raised in New Jersey previously, but this idiot will NOT get my vote for Florida governor. Don't like Trump and his brown nosing followers and this idiot proves it. I thought it was tasteless and quite sad. Teaching his kids at an early age to like a racist, traitorous tyrant like Trump is as well as Putin's puppet. Pathetic.

  19. what the heck is wrong with his wife's face??

  20. Beautiful well grounded traditional American family and his wife is hot. He has my vote.

  21. SUPPORT Richard Dreyfus to bring civics back to schools!!!

  22. I want to take a shit on his head.

  23. 10/10 get triggered libtards !

  24. Disgusting. I don't care who you are or what affiliation- this is disgusting!

  25. I know this ad was a joke by Desantis but I think it's affecting his campaign negatively

  26. A N D T H E N M R T R U M P S A I D, Y O U R E F I R E D

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