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George W. Bush’s full speech at the memorial service for John S. McCain

George W. Bush’s full speech at the memorial service for John S. McCain

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  1. Maybe Bush will do a paint by number portrait of john McCain 😂hahahahaha hahahahaha Bush is a regular Picasso ! 😂

  2. Well said Mr. President, although I am a democrat, I respect you and well said!

  3. not getting this over on us. self-serving warmonger pig.
    burn in hell

  4. I thought bush was a war criminal…. now all these people that called him that "miss him"… interesting how people are sheep to the media.

  5. John McCain's funeral is a shining example of how America is shaped to be "One nation, Under God, Indivisible…" if his death doesn't return to that core principle of what America is, then what else is there to fight for? Thank you for what you've done for this country, Maverick.

  6. Good speech, but man is he a bad public speaker

  7. 7:15 … Is it just me or is Hillary looking way GILFy?

  8. Everything is in God timing under the sun!

  9. Cheney sleeping during Bush speech. Priceless,lol.

  10. This is bullshit, W! He was jealous of Donald Trump to the point that he thumbs down to every American voter who was hurt by the STUPID ASS OBAMACARE! He ran over and over "REPEAL AND REPLACE I WILL REPEAL AND REPLACE…" and then the moment THIS NATION waited for for YEARS…..his intense burning jealousy made him travel to the capital to stick it to the voters who DENIED HIM BUT FOUGHT PASSIONATELY FOR THE ELECTION OF DONALD J TRUMP…A MAN WHO WANTED TO RESTART THE FACTORIES THAT YOU AND JOHN MCCAIN HELPED CLOSE!!! I am sick of you elites and your arrogant foot rubbing of each other. YOU FUCKED THE AMERICAN MAN AND WOMAN WHO NEEDED TO PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN!!!!! JOHN MCCAIN GREW WEALTHIER AND WEALTHEIR AS HIS IDIOTIC POLICIES ROBBED WE CITIZENS AND TURNED OUR CITIES INTO 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES. Shame on all of you arrogant jackasses!!1 SHAME ON YOU GEORGE W BUSH AND ESPECIALLY SHAME ONTO THE HEAD OF JOHN MCCAIN!!!!! THumbs DOWN

  11. Im a Democrat that was happy when Bush left office. I must apologize for my short sighted view, and not realizing that we would ever get a guy like Trump that has no morals.

  12. Trump isnt worthy enough to shine Johns boots!

  13. I hated Bush as a president, but love him as a normal, everyday man.

  14. Both Bush and Obama took subtle swipes at Trump that McCain would have loved – good job to both ex-presidents.

  15. I never cared for George Bush . Never voted for him . I respect him for what he did here though.
    Good job to Mr. McCain and Obama as well . 🇺🇸 Regardless of party , they stood up for ALL the people of this country . So refreshing to see.

  16. McCain was a good man. He did a lot for me. He never met a war he couldnt sell or a war profiteer he couldnt help out. So much suffering overseas wouldnt have been possible without him. It makes me warm inside to see so many like him present at his funeral. He will be missed but I feel I have enough like him to continue my effort.

    Sincerely Satan.

  17. The world is a stage, man's a flower.

  18. That was undoubtedly the best speech Bush has ever given. George I take back half the nasty things I 've said about you. It was a masterful speech and you actually got through it without a faux pas. Nice job . It was good to hear from you again in such a positive and well presented memorial. Hope you are enjoying your retirement.

  19. 911 murderer. Phoney. The Bushes need to help Trump fix all the broken laws in this country. Trump has shown these Washington morons things can get done for citizens in less than 40 years of blah, blah, blah. Trump has shown a light on these millionaires in Washington who take, take, take from lobbyists to fill their pockets then have the gall to say how great they made this country with their own hands. Remember, Obama's words, you didn't build that.

  20. 3:04 I need a girl who's gonna look at me like Obama looks at Bush

  21. I’m soooo happy Trump was not invited. IDIOT!!!

  22. No damn difference between RINOs & Democrats!

  23. 1:36, I can see Chuck Schumer has gone full Schumer face.

  24. Is that Jay Leno next to John Kerry? wtf.

  25. Damn compared to the current idiot in the WH, President Bush sounds like a Rhodes Scholar.

  26. Hey look a funeral paid by the tax payer money so war criminals could get together to pat each other on the backs. Get real these politicians are puppets and Trump is the Scapegoat moron.

  27. Funny how hated of a president this man was, the evils he’s responsible for go deeper than any of us know, now he’s treated as a respectful hero. Funny how most people have the memory of a fish.

  28. Thanks Bush.. because of you I got a part-time job at 7-11

  29. We miss all former presidents that are eloquent, classy, committed to the " Greater Good " regardless of the party.. That element is not present ri

  30. I will definitely take bush back any day over the retard in the white house

  31. Have you ever seen so many swamp creatures together in one room at one time? 🐍🦐🐊

  32. Despised the guy back then… compared to the guy in office today he seems like pure gold.

  33. McCain continues …
    McCain knows what it takes. To be better, to be worthy, for the good of America.

    Any a petty low life or lesser is not eligible for the privilege to give the utmost honour. Not worthy to be invited by McCain

  34. Never agreed with president bush but always respected him. Good to see you Mr. President.

  35. Thank you McCain for doing your part in draining the swamp ! Rest easy song bird !

  36. I never liked Bush, but he is a person you can call a president. He can talk properly. Trump really elevated Bush's image.

  37. who is the lady picking her finger nails? on the surface, this seems very disrespectful. I bet she wasn't do that during BO's speech

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