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Mother tosses 4-year-old daughter into river near Tampa, Florida

Shakayla Denson was arrested on several charges, including first-degree felony murder after police found her daughter 75 feet from land.

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  1. This world is so damn sick! I'm so tired of all the parents killing there kids. These mothers that do that don't deserve kids! It's frustrating to see and hear. Even the Mollie tibbets case. I just don't know anymore about people.

  2. I hope they put her in the deepest darkest hole they can find and not let her out of it.

  3. Use her as bait and throw her on to an alligator pit. That'll teach her.

  4. Black moms and bumpstocks need to be banned.

  5. Police statements show she blamed it on TRUMP..

  6. She will claim she dindu nuffin.

  7. So we can expect the coloreds to protest and riot, right?…….

  8. Why did they have to wait for a dive team to pull the girl from the water?

    Do u know how long it takes to put on a wet suit?

  9. Lock that crazy heffa up for life with no parole. SMH.

  10. You can’t just toss your nigglets like that shakayla.

  11. God bless that little girl. So sad. The mother is mentally insane. Poor child. The little girl is in her Father in Heaven arms safe. No more bad mom. No more pain. No more crying. Just everlasting love. Poor poor child. So young to die by her own mom. Evil.

  12. What if the baby was raised his whole entire life my frogs.

  13. But Manafort's ostrich jacket though….

  14. It was almost an abortion by lefty standards.

  15. Now, now people let’s not pick on this poor victim, liberals say black folks just don’t know any better so how can we possibly hold them to the same standards as white people? That would just be racist.

  16. She was teaching her kid how to swim

  17. Why we should NEVER get rid of abortion! As long as the American taxpayer doesn't have to pay for this shit!

  18. Another din do nuffin riot incoming? Nope! Just another day in the hood.

  19. What a sick fvck learn what adoption center is.

  20. Well, i guess this is one of those "really really really late-term" abortions Stephen Lynch was talking about…

  21. Another black queen right Jessy Williams?

  22. Kill this monkey and be done with her

  23. Typical liberal, throwing out the baby with the bath water !

  24. Really surprised the media is reporting on this.

  25. Black women are getting hundreds of abortions everyday in this country. Its mainly why I vote Democrat.

  26. Mental illness test
    If you fail no children for you

  27. Hopefully she’s incarcerated in general population.

  28. Lmfao, war hoot? She's a crackhead, The only war she is in is the war of acquisition. Of more crack.

  29. Yep, the BT1100 is alive and well. Sick vile animal… But BLM will say, she Didin Du Nuffin.

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