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Police confronted over Nike ‘bait truck’

Chicago community members perceived an alleged bait truck, left in an impoverished neighborhood near a basketball court, as an obvious attempt to target black youth.

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  1. That's very wrong from the police. They should spend their time locking up real criminals instead of trying to go after a group of kids playing ball

  2. Thieves are thieves. They should be locked up if they do wrong

  3. That is cowardly and shitty. thanks for the Post.

  4. Wow this is a waste of time.

  5. fuckin pigs with nothing better to do.

  6. There is something fundamentally wrong with blacks, most of them are kleptos.

  7. How did they know the truck was empty? Obviously, someone found out about it after climbing into the truck. An honest person wouldn't do that.

  8. A “bait truck” wtf does that even mean? Obvious ignorance on the part of those recording.

  9. Do it in a poor wht neighborhood, they exist too

  10. Njggers belong only one place… cotton fields.

  11. Only feral negroes cannot fight the urge. Worthless creatures. Separate, segregate and repatriate. No other options.

  12. Busted setting up the people they swear to serve and protect, dirty SOB , why didn't they set it up in a white neighborhood because they aren't racist

  13. Why do black boys always call each other motherfker?
    Because they fk their mothers

  14. How much din would a dindu do if a dindu dindu nuffin?

  15. Stop crying, they know you all love to steal stuffs that is not yours. And how the hell do you know is empty…Hummmmm?????

  16. This is why the black community will continue to be destroyed. People in the community constantly make excuses and blaming others for their poor behavior and choices. "I stole your car, but it's your fault for leaving it unlocked. I stole your bike, but it's your fault for leaving it outdoors unsupervised.". Really! Really! Things will never get better in the "Hood" until they stop making excuses and hold themselves to a higher standard of thinking and behavior…

  17. Black women are the least likable women on earth. Yet, black men frequently seek women of other races.

  18. That's similar to the rapist mentality of she shouldn't dress that way…

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  20. Set up a bait child in WHITE neighborhoods, you know white people can't resist molesting children and animals 🤔

  21. Only people mad at this are other criminals.

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