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Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon, hospitalized overnight

The 78-year-old Georgia congressman was hospitalized for an undisclosed illness. https://usat.ly/2LXSKlb


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  1. Icon in his own mind… POS in my mind.

  2. Hate comes from hate stop hating me and ill think about not sending you to Hell

  3. Good hope that old racist scum bag kicks the bucket

  4. Maybe that Blue Wave coming out of DC will be enough to put him over the edge and finally rid us of race-baiting bastard take Jesse jackass and Al charlatan with him the Justice Brothers together again LOL!

  5. Who cares? He makes me sick everytime he opens his mouth.

  6. The guy should of got life in prison for his gun stock piling and plan to kill innocent people but instead Democrats help him become a politician

  7. This POS was planning to be a terrorist. He should be in prison getting ass raped.

  8. All that hatred finally caught up with him

  9. I am not a fan of his.
    I hope he gets well soon.

  10. The slaves never adapted, it’s time for that free trip home.


  12. Hope he dies slowly and very painfully

  13. Next President. JOHN LEWIS .2020😁😲

  14. The dindu nuffin king? Or at least he holds court

  15. Without hate republicunts would have nothing to say

  16. Hurry up and die. Pavement ape.

  17. I guess his Sickle Cell caught up with him. Hahahaha HAHAHAHA

  18. Whatever he's got I hope Mad Maxine Waters got her ignorant ass a good case of it too !

  19. Sorry, I never carry a handkerchief.

  20. Maxine Waters, has already dispatched a replacement.

  21. What goes around comes around…

  22. Of course another pot where the selfish evil taught racist can mount and show their soul. All of you Confederates must be getting excited in your pride for hatred against civil rights for everyone.

  23. So sad how all of you racist can only be so ignorant and proud hidden on this internet #smh

  24. A total fraud who rode MLK's coat tail for everything he could get out of it. This man is a black racist, who has really done nothing to further race relations in America.

  25. Too much hate filled bile in his system. He needs to be put down for a while through voodoo. Wake him back up again when he's a little less vile.

  26. Look at all the white people came crawling to do what they do, disgusting…

  27. Wow that was almost a news story?

  28. News flash hes old, and getting older, one day he won't wake up, just like every human in history. So how is this really news?

  29. lol. 78 is way over due for a dindu.

  30. Thats what happens to enemies of America.

  31. Hope the hospital isn't on an island, those rascals known to tip over and sink.

  32. I wonder if he let white doctors take care of him.

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