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Reports: Mac Miller dead from suspected overdose at 26

Rapper Mac Miller reportedly died of an apparent overdose at the age of 26.


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  1. Damn! I remember when I was in high school mac was the man! Rip big homie

  2. It's not Ariana fault that he done this on his own!! People making seem like it is she been through so much now this it will be on her mind forever no one should ever feel like its their fault when it wasn't

  3. Omg I didn't really listened to him only one album but it's sad how young artist die rest easy miller ♡

  4. Just as he was about to rise again. Gone too soon 💔

  5. Damn shit i can not believe Mac is dead. How are we going to use computer again but seriously R.I.P

  6. Jesus is coming soon. If he didn't no Christ as savior he is in hell. Clock is ticking folks! Get saved while you can. You notice they keep killing artist? Why? Gematria, selling of the soul is real

  7. His song Come Back To Earth has the lyrics "Race cars and I'm drifting, now I'm leaving forever" 🙁 RIP Mac

  8. First little pink then XXX tentacion and now Mac Miller what the f*** is going on with these kids man they making amazing music and dying so fuking young that's bullshit it's really true demon youth my heart goes out to the families of all these amazing legends that we lost this year he also surely be missed but always be in my heart you much love

  9. Wow truly heart breaking so young and so much hope. Sounds like a shot at grande but I hope here dress is long then the last funeral she was at. All of a sudden you see things on line that she tried to help him. Lol you don't go cheat on your man with another how is that helping then you leave him kick him out of your house you lived together then you slam twitter shit about him. He was depressed he was your shadow and you knew it he got high to help his pain and because he was sad unsure of what to do next he probably went over board grande you have to live with that. Last we have lost a lot of amazing talent because of drugs and alcohol and something has to change in the fame world they have made it to easy to get it. Hollywood is a killer it's scary. So much talent and amazing things we all have to miss out on now cause a lot of great people are gone and we will never get the real thing again. Sorry for rabbling on but this is getting to be to much the drugs and guns. Rest in peace Mac

  10. His number came up illuminati took his soul at least a short time he live he had a lot of money but that's what happens when you sell your soul

  11. Why is everyone overdosing 1 lil peep Mac miller others its either that or a rapper getting shot come on I'm tired of hearing rappers overdosing or getting shot

  12. Bro why are almost all rappers dying this is sad its like I lost a family member

  13. Good riddens….another loser wigger millennial down!

  14. Don't be fool kids! Drugs are no good!

  15. Still I am lost for words ! R.I.P. Mac 😭💔

  16. I was just listening to thoughts from a balcony. Damn… this shit sucks.

  17. Why couldn't it have been Lil Pump, Lil Xan, G-Eazy or MGK instead? Rip mac.

  18. Thank God it's not who I thought it was. I thought it was that ginger guy with his granny in a video. Never heard of this guy to be honest . . . . .He's not exactly as famous as Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!

  19. Fckn drug addict who cares if he dies some people don't even care about their own family and they are here lol

  20. It crazy this country you can choose what you wanna die on. Rip mac miller

  21. New spokes person for tide pods???

  22. Drugs are awesome America 🖒 you're the coolest if you do them.

  23. everyone whos in war ryt now. stay wise and be smart. spiritual warfare

  24. If Post Malone could just trade places 😉🖕

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