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SC governor: ‘mandatory, not voluntary’ evacuation along coastline

The governor of South Carolina issued a mandatory evacuation for people along the coastline in preparation for Hurricane Florence.

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  1. Granted you would be a Moron and on the wrong side of natural selection if you stayed, but "mandatory" Really? Every "order" from the government at the end of the day is enforced at the point of a gun, are you seriously going to say "mandatory" if you do not intend on enforcing your orders of "safety" on them by threatening their lives? How thoughtless is this? it's either you have no intention whatsoever of enforcing this order, or you are going to be prepared to kill the people to "save them." Leave the idiots to their devises and advise everyone that no emergencies services wil be provided and they should get themselves out as soon as possible.

  2. Let's send some ice people down there to help out with their buses for deportation

  3. “Mandatory evacuations not voluntary” well I’m screwed cause I can’t evacuate with my mom working at the hospital in Myrtle beach. They won’t let her leave or she’ll loose her job.

  4. All these people getting butt hurt by the word MANDATORY!!! It's not like there's a category 4 possible 5 hurricane heading their way…🤔 I bet their sweet ass's wished they would have left if they don't.

  5. Stay safe everyone! Much love from Texas. Call us if y'all need us!

  6. Stop breaking your oath dumb ass. There is only one law in this land. The supreme law of the land. No victim no crime. A code can only be a law if it does not interfere with the said law. If so it is and was Void Ab Initio at its conception. A code has nothing to do with keeping us safe its all about fines to make money and keep our prisons full. Buy enforcing these unconstitutional codes they are subverting the supreme law of the land/subversion/treason.

  7. The woman is practicing her ninjitsu hand signs.

  8. Evacuate the "urban" areas first, especially the ghettos, because we all know what happens when honest people evacuate before them. Looting, and lots of it.

  9. SC governor ordering mandatory evac for zones affected by Flo, ballsy leadership. #Respect.

  10. who is that dumbass to decide whether someone risks their life or not?

  11. do they have a bus and a destination waiting with food and shelter ….this is so bogus ….plus who says ur not freaking out too much ….what if people want to stay in there basements or attics or whatever ….if people with guns want to tell everyone what to do they should be mor eprepared and show beteter leadership.thank youeveyrinone.

  12. Funny How he said mandatory, but there won't be anyone to enforce it. They will be to busy helping the ones that are leaving.

  13. when i lived in daytona,we had hurricane parties

  14. After reading a few comments, no, they aren't going to physically make a person who wishes to stay leave. If you stay and end up needing help, it puts the lives of first responders at risk and takes away care from those that honestly could not evacuate and need help. I understand most of the comments are trolls, but hopefully there's one person that this reaches.

  15. so is it mandatory that they will pay for their hotels for all the people in the mandatory evac?

  16. Not gambling with a single SC life……..but won't expand Medicaid. Wonderful.


  18. Mandatory evacuation from your own property. No thanks!

  19. There is no such thing as a mandatory evacuation, I wish this lie would die but the media loves the phrase. No one can force you out of your home, but there will be no emergency services to help them when they call 911, everyone will have to fend for themselves. There are reasons people stay, they are afraid of having their homes looted, and another reason people stay is because people will not be allowed to return to their homes quickly to begin repairs, they close the roads till they are deemed safe, but by then irreversible water damage, mold, begins, people who stay have a huge advantage starting emergency repairs on their homes if they bought plywood, tarps and other supplies in advance, but risk their lives if they stay.

  20. some either surely swsgqou sensitive listen front tackle enforce measurement juror auto.

  21. People are complaining about cutting the lady out of the screen. You do realize that theres a subtitles/closed captions option? lol

  22. I live in the coastline area and I’m too lazy to evacuate. 😐

  23. lmao seriously lets blow this so out of proportion right ,

  24. Where exactly does Gov get this authority ? If anyone not under his command is inconvenienced by any of his ‘officers’, he and his officers need to have criminal charges filed against them imho. Check the statutes.

  25. Its crazy how the government can force you out of your home in the name of keeping you safe . There has gotta be something in the constitution about that.

  26. Good luck with the mandatory evacuation, nobody can force me out of my home unless I choose to go voluntarily.

  27. These comments are further proof that liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  28. Anyone know the Vegas odds on this storm? This guy may not want to gamble but I do!

  29. Mandatory evacuation for the whole east coast? This will be more catastrophic than the hurricane.

  30. Everybody don't have the resources to evacuate for days.

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